The award is open to all personnel in the UK egg, meat and game sectors, who can show how training is benefiting their career and also the livestock performance on their unit. It takes only a few minutes to enter – and you stand a chance of winning generous prizes.

The winner receives the £2000 training grant from Zoetis, paid through the employer primarily to help develop his or her career, a £500 prize from Poultry World, an engraved trophy and a day-to-remember in London. This includes the prestigious presentation event at the House of Commons and the award dinner, with hotel accommodation for finalists and their partners in central London.

The judging panel will shortlist three finalists. They will be interviewed to decide the winner, who will be announced at the presentation ceremony on Tuesday 4 December.

ENTRY CLOSING DATE: Sunday 30 September
INTERVIEW DATE: Monday 29 October -
It is a condition of entry that candidates make themselves available for interview on this date.
  Full name
  Address & postcode  
  Email address  
  Mobile number  
  Date employment began  
  Current position  
  Number of years in industry  
  Age range - under 25 (Yes)  
  Age range - 26 - 35 (Yes)  
  Age range - over 35 (Yes)  
  Company name  
  Address & Postcode  
  Telephone number  
  Mobile number  
  Email address  
  Name of person nominating traineer  
  Position of person nominating traineer  
  Company name    
  Address & Postcode  
  Telephone number  
  Mobile number  
  Email address  
  Name of person responsible for trainee  
  .The following sections to be completed by the Candidate  
  Details of training undertaken  
  Qualifications or if working towards a qualification provide details (eg Work Based Diploma) Target or actual completion date  
  1. Tell us about your practical experience, responsibilities you have undertaken and career achievements so far  
  2. What are the key issues regarding biosecurity and how might this be improved in the future?  
  3. What do you see as the biggest welfare challenge facing the industry and how should these be approached?  
  4. How specifically has the traiing you've received improved your work skills?  
  5. How would you go aobut changing public perception of the poultry industry to improve it's appeal?  
  6. If chosen as the winner, what kind of training would you choose to help develop your career? And tell us how do you see your career progressing?  
The training grant is to be used or allocated within one year of the award ceremony. By entering this award the winner and their employer agree to publicity involving the award and the way the training grant is spent.